our HR policy

Our employees are proud of Algeco. And also of their contribution to the company’s performance.

They strive to be professional in their work and for correct communication with customers and colleagues. Each one of us is driven by an urge to improve: stronger products, greater knowledge, new experiences and closer customer relations. Each employee feels involved in both the company’s decisions and the customers’ projects. This approach is the basis for top performance and maximum customer satisfaction.

Considerable involvement and genuine value: that is what we aim for!

We have selected Excellence, Innovation, Empowerment and Collaboration to serve as our main guideposts. These are the cornerstone of our organization and guide our decisions and actions.


We value each and every one of our customers and endeavor to anticipate and exceed their service, product, and performance expectations. We strive to be the easiest modular space provider to work with and always deliver on our promises to internal and external customers. We expect all employees to strive for excellence in every activity.


We are a trusted source for innovative best-in-class modular space, secure storage, and remote workforce accommodations. We creatively seek out and deploy best practices to improve our processes, products and services - especially those impacting our end customers. We seek out and address new customers, applications, and markets and find innovative ways to strengthen our existing customer relationships. We innovate to create value for all stakeholders.


Every employee’s voice is listened to and employees are offered continuous professional and personal growth opportunities. Our people own our vision and feel connected to our global team. All employees understand our strategy and their role in our company’s success. Every employee is trusted, engaged, expected to be transparent, empowered to make decisions, and willing to take acceptable risks without fear of failure.


We are “One Company” and strive for deeper inter-connectedness through exceptional global collaboration and best practice sharing. As we grow, learn, and win together we celebrate our successes. We live and prosper by the commitments that we make to ourselves, our colleagues, and our customers.