The Advance IN26 range has been designed with a particular focus on flexibility. Our solid and robust modules can be installed in a matter of hours: allowing you to increase or modify your premises exactly as you wish.

Why choose Advance IN26?


The Advance IN26 range is an answer to all your questions and expectations, thanks to solutions that are perfectly aligned with the specific conditions on the construction site.

We are well aware that you must provide a high-quality working environment for your employees. It is your obligation. However, we go further than simply respecting the relevant laws. We will go in search of what is best for both you and your employees. Offering solutions tailored as closely as possible to your specific activities and needs, Advance creates the best environment in which to continue your operations or building activities. We make matters that appear complicated seem simple; that is our speciality. Our modules are quickly and easily installed, are highly functional and meet all the relevant standards and regulations. Your staff’s safety and comfort is key with Advance, as it is with our other ranges.

Advance IN26


  • Connection and stacking of up to 3 floors (4 with some alterations)
  • Solid and robust
  • Standard solution
  • Can be set up ready for use very rapidly and easily
  • Optimised working environment

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